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Charlotte's Go To Plumbing Company for Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

Time is money. Having a plumber come to your  business shouldn't require a big sacrifice of either one. Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service, Inc. agrees! We have a proven track record of getting to commercial plumbing jobs quickly and taking care of the problem in short order, so you can get back to business as usual!

Call us 24/7 for emergency service assistance, Call us between 8:30 and 5:00 to get an account set up.

If you are part of a property management group your property may already be in our system.

We mean business about plumbing

In business, plumbing problems aren't just inconvenient, they can put a major crimp in your profits. Rapid-Rooter Plumbing can handle virtually any commercial plumbing job, of any size or complexity, including high-pressure jetting of drain lines, remodeling or lift station service. Whether you are an apartment complex, a restaurant, a manufacturing facility, or anywhere in between, we can handle your commercial plumbing needs.

Dedicated dig up crew

Rapid-Rooter has been fixing water leaks, sewer line breaks, lift station issues all over the Charlotte Metro Area for over 27 years.  Our experienced dig up crew knows how to find and fix your problems fast and make repairs that last.  If you have old leaky systems that need repair or replacement call us today to take a look. 
Ask us about how to get your line replacement tax free. 
"Everything handled quickly and professionally." 
- Anonymous, Angie's List

Now we're cooking

We ask a lot of our kitchen plumbing in restaurants. Between grease traps, mop sinks, food pieces and who knows what, going down the drain, it's no wonder that kitchen drains clog up as often as they do. When that happens, call Rapid-Rooter Plumbing. We literally fix everything and the kitchen sink!  We don't just fix your plumbing but we have industrial drain cleaning equipment on every truck and high velocity water jetting for main lines clogged with grease and debris. 
Call us to put you on a regular maintenance schedule.

Talk to  Cathy between 8:30 and 5:00 about getting an account set up.

Forget the rest, call the best

Rapid-Rooter Plumbing knows you have choices when it comes to commercial plumbing services. Why should you choose Rapid-Rooter Plumbing? For one, we are a full-service plumbing company with a diverse array of experience across a broad range of specialties. Between our state-of-the-art plumbing tools, and staff of plumbing professionals, we've handled problems that had our competition running screaming into the night. Call us, and we'll come running, whenever you need us!

Back to the drawing board

If you're remodeling your commercial property or residential property, ensuring that your plumbing systems are properly designed for maximum efficiency is a must. That's definitely a job for Rapid-Rooter Plumbing. We can help with plumbing design for residential and commercial remodeling. Think of us as well for both gas and water line installation, backflow device testing, water treatment solutions and pipe placement. Get your project off to a great start. Call today!

Raising the bar with every job

At Rapid-Rooter Plumbing, our mission is not just to meet industry standards in commercial plumbing, but to set them here in the Charlotte, NC area. We accomplish that goal by going the extra mile in service and workmanship, and by completing each and every project on time and under budget. Call today for a free estimate and put us to the test!
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